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Casio G-Shock releases news of a collaborative watch with the Transformers franchise. As both names are set to celebrate their 35th anniversary, garnering a cult-like following in the ’80s, the joint watch sees an impressive display from both brands. It wouldn’t be a Transformers collab without a fully-transforming figure, and from this limited release we see a transformable Optimus Prime collectible that uses the G-Shock DW-6900TF-4 watch as the Matrix of Leadership chest piece; when the watch is transformed, Optimus Prime converts into a watch stand — there’s also a Matrix of Leadership piece included to fill the space in the figure when the G-Shock watch is being worn.

Casio Gshock Transformer Limited Edition

SKU: DW-6900TF-4
RM 2,599.00Harga
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